Same Image Four Different Ways: Using Silhouette, Natural Light, Long Exposure, and Flash: Images 105-108

Dock Bench 1     Bench on a Dock at Cayuga Lake (Long Exposure)

Dock Bench 2     Bench on a Dock at Cayuga Lake

Dock Bench 3     Bench on a Dock at Cayuga Lake (Flash)

Dock Bench 4     Bench on a Dock at Cayuga Lake (Very Long Exposure and Flash)

I am sitting here in Snowy and Frigid Rochester, NY, thinking about summer.  We are in a stretch of sub zero temps and what feels like endless snow.  I am really looking forward to the spring and watching all this snow melt away.  This past summer, my family and I got the chance to meet up with some of our California friends while they were visiting their family at the Family Compound on Cayuga Lake.  What a gorgeous setting.  They have this great dock that is in an L-shape, creating a little swimming area for the kids.  My wife got to try Paddle Boarding while we were there and she is hooked.  I snapped these pics out on the dock, looking out onto Cayuga Lake.  I took several shots of the water and horizon, but the shots with the bench ended up being the most interesting.   I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Counting the days till summer…

One Object, Shot from Different Angles and Perspectives. Images 100-104.

Lone Post     Lone Post Among the Marsh Reeds

Lone Post in BW     Lone Post in BW

Lone Post Centered     Lone Post Centered

Lone Post Foreground     Lone Post in Foreground

Among the Reeds     Lone Post in Background

As I have written before, Cape Cod is one of my favorite places to visit.  Every time I go, I take at least 2000 pictures.  It takes me days to get through them all when I get home, weeding out the bad ones and editing the good ones.  It is a beautiful place with tons of amazing subjects to shoot.  Sunrises on the ocean side, sunsets on the bay side.  Beaches, Boats, Lighthouses, Flowers, Wildlife, Quaint Towns, Gorgeous Scenery.  Never at a loss for something to photograph.

We did not get a chance to go this past summer, but we will be returning this coming summer, staying just off Pleasant Bay, halfway between Orleans and our beloved Chatham.  However, two summers ago, we went for a week in Late July/Early August and stayed in a home right on “the River” on the outskirts of Orleans.  The River is really just and extension of Pleasant Bay, not a true river.  Standing on the deck, we could stare out at the marsh on the edge of the river, watching the sunset over the trees, watching the boats moored in the water, bob gently with the tidal currents.  I took these shots the day we arrived.

I walked down the sloping back yard towards the marshy area and as I sauntered past the tree line that marked the end of the property and the beginning of the marsh, this lone post came into view.  I assume it was once part of a dock, going out into the river.  I didn’t think much of it at first and started shooting pictures of the sky and the sun setting over the trees and the boats in the water.  As I paused to look over the shots, I noticed that the post featured in many of the shots.  I ventured over as close to it as I could get; it was pretty soggy right around the post.  I could tell it had been there a long time.  It was leaning to one side and was very weathered.  I took some more shots of it, then went back inside (the mosquitoes were eating me alive down there).  I proceeded to take a ton of pictures that trip and gradually forgot all about the lone post.

But, when I got home and began going through all the pictures I took on the computer, I kept seeing it pop up in the above shots and several others I had taken of the same view.  It was interesting how the post looked different from the different angles and perspectives when it was the main subject matter and it brought more interest to the pictures where it was a bit player in the foreground or the background.  I now have an 8 x 10 framed and matted on my living room wall of the Lone Post Among The Marsh Reeds shot.

Looking forward to getting back to the Cape this August to find more great things to shoot.  Hope you enjoy these shots, and if you want to see more of my Cape Cod Images, please visit my websites!

Image #2. Bay Sunset. A Great Evening With Friends Results in a Phenomenal Capture

Bay Sunset

A good friend of mine had a groupon for an evening party boat rental out on Irondequoit Bay.  It was late in the season, already September, but we decided to book it anyway.  We kept our fingers crossed for good weather and it worked!!!  We had a gorgeous day.  However, it did not go off without a hitch.

We drove to the location where we were told to go to pick up the boat.  Four couples packing coolers stocked with food and drink.  The sun is shining, the temperature is warm, and we are all excited for the night away from kids.  However, the water level in the bay has been very low all summer and is especially low now.  Apparently, all the boats are now being docked at the mouth of the bay because the levels are too low.  They “forgot” to tell us this when we called to make our reservation.  So, we have to get back in our cars and drive all the way around the bay; and our time of rental is supposed to begin in 5 min.  We are supposed to have 2 hours, and the drive is going to rob us of 15 min of that 2 hours.  This is where my wife stepped in…

I love my wife.  I do.  The best advice I can give someone is, “Give her what she wants, when she wants it!”  She is a reasonable person, but if you try to change the parameters after something has already been agreed to, she ain’t havin’ it.  She strolled up to the counter; I went outside….  After a few minutes, My friend and my wife exited the rental office and we had 2 hours with the boat, beginning the minute we launched from the dock.  She gets her way, more times than not.

We hopped in our cars and drove around the bay.  There was a back up at the dock so we didn’t end up shoving off until 30 min after we were supposed to, but no bother.  Fun times ensued.  Good friends, good food, good conversation, good laughs, good views, good booze.  An all around excellent evening.  My friend, Mark, and I had to jump out at one point to get the boat unstuck off a sand bar!!  I had my camera with me (of course) and took many pictures.  As we were heading back to the dock, approaching the end of our 2 hour tour of Irondequoit Bay, I snapped this Photo of the setting sun.  I hope you enjoy it!!!