Cape Cod 2015 – Images 131-141


Chatham Lighthouse


Dinghy’s Await




Boats Asleep


Thin Orange Line


Rock Harbor Sunset


Through the Reeds


Red Sky


Golden Hour


Highland Light View

I just realized that it has been a year since my last post.  Must have been a busy year!!  I have not had many chances to go out and take pictures.  Only now, with summer at hand and the yearly trip to Cape Cod fast approaching, have I been able to shift my focus back to photography.  I just went through my digital album of images from our 2015 Cape Cod trip and included some of my faves in this blog.  I hope you enjoy them.


Cape Cod, MA is a “lighthouse” for our family.  A safe place, a “Beacon”, a place for us to focus on, a place that guides us and keeps us on our path.  We refresh and reboot there.  We relax and enjoy each other’s company with no distractions.  It is peaceful, tranquil, beautiful, and revitalizing.  The whole family looks forward to it for varying reasons.


Every year we try to find something different to explore there.  This year we are looking at exploring the dunes and Wellfleet as well as some tours (Cape Cod Brewery, Cape Cod chips, Wood’s Hole Science Aquarium, Nobska Lighhouse, Cape Cod Lavender Farm, to name a few).  We will, of course, visit the mainstays such as Nauset, Rock Harbor, and Lighthouse Beaches, Shops in Chatham, Penny Candy Store in Chatham, Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans).


But mostly, we will breath in the salt air and relax and refresh.  Eat Well, Drink Well, Play Hard, Sleep In (except for one morning to catch images of the sunrise, of course), and revel in the company of Family and Friends.  Most likely, my next Blog post will be images from our 2016 Cape Cod Adventure…..


If you would like to view more of my Cape Cod images please visit:

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing, off the Chatham, MA coast

My name is Justin Connor.  I have been taking pictures since I was 12 years old.  My father was an amateur photographer and I took after him, grabbing a camera whenever I could and taking shots.  I took some Photography classes in High School and even entertained trying to go to College for Photography.  In the end, I decided it was not a great career choice, and went to College for Physical Therapy.

My father gave me a Canon AE-1 for my high school graduation and I continued to do Photography as a hobby.  I continued to try to get out and take photos through College and after, even trying to take some portraits of my wife, but I quickly realized portrait photography was not my forte.  I have always been much better at Landscape Photography.  I have always been drawn to Waterfalls, for some reason, and until recently, nearly half of my portfolio was waterfall pictures.  My wife is drawn to Lighthouses, so I have developed a passion for photographing lighthouses.  I recently have begun taking Macro shots of flowers as well and have also concentrated on Sunrise and Sunset shots as well.

I really wish I could travel more in order to really get a chance to shoot some amazing places and things, but as a father of two, the traveling is limited.  I try to get out at least once a month to local places to practice and perfect my craft.  I have recently started going, with my family and some friends, to Cape Cod for a week in the summers.  That is where I took my favorite shot.

I had bought my Canon Rebel T3 for Christmas several months before the trip.  Yes, it took me until 2012 to finally go digital.  For some reason I was a film holdout (I have no idea why, maybe because I was born and raised and still live in Rochester, NY, the home of Kodak).  We were staying in Chatham, MA on the elbow of the cape and I was determined to get up early and take some sunrise shots.  I had already been at Lighthouse Beach for about 45 minutes and was considering wrapping it all up after getting a ton of great shots.  The bugs were driving me nuts.  I had the camera on a tripod and had been messing with some long exposure shots, when I saw this fishing boat coming down the channel, heading out to sea from the Fish Pier.  As it approached my position, I zoomed in and began taking shots.  This is what I got!!!

Canon Rebel T3

Focal Length:  300

f 5.6


Thanks for reading and visiting.  I will do my best to post new pics and charming banter about photography at least once a week.  Please follow if you like.  i have a few websites that I sell my images on, so please check those out as well!!!