Flower Photography: Images 81-99

Yellow Rose     Yellow Rose

Butter Cream     White Rose

Orange Rose     Orange Rose

Red and White Rose     Red and White Rose

Cone Flower     Cone Flower with Lady Bug

Close up Cone Flower     Cone Flower Macro

Peony Burst     Peony Burst

 3 Cone Flowers, Near and Far     3 Cone Flowers, Near and Far

Bleeding Heart     Bleeding Heart

Tulip     Tulip

Tulips     Tulips

Lilac     Lilac

Lilacs     Lilacs

Hydrangea     Hydrangea

Hydrangeas     Hydrangeas

Blue Bell     Blue Bell

From Below     From Below

Morning Glory     Morning Glory

Daisy     Gerbera Daisy

Purple Heart     Purple Heart Daisy

It is New Year’s Eve and it is below freezing outside (and snowing) here in Rochester, NY.  I didn’t want to write an extensive blog today, but wanted to get something out since I haven’t done an entry in over 2 weeks.  I just began (2 years ago) to take flower pictures and some macro shots after getting my DSLR and some close up filters.  Above are some examples of some of my favorites.  Maybe this will brighten your day and be a good start to the new year!!  For more of my Flower Images, please visit my below websites!!

One Image, Four Ways; Fun with Editing: Images 19, 20, 21, and 22

Here Comes The Rain AgainOriginal IPhoto Version

Black and White RainBlack and White IPhoto Version

Antique RainAntiqued IPhoto Version

Dark RainIPhone PhotoStudio Version

I can tend to be a purist at heart.  I usually do not spend much time editing my photographs.  A little bit of Enhancement here, a tad of Boost here, maybe juicing the contrast or the color a smidge here and there.  I generally use IPhoto, but I have a couple of Apps on the IPhone as well that I occasionally use to tweak my photos before posting them.  I have spent a fair amount of time monkeying around with all the different options, but I find it overwhelming and I am usually not pleased with the results.  At this point, I generally just use Enhance and Boost and find that that is all it needs.

I scroll through Instagram and 500px and ViewBug and you can always tell the person who spent forever editing their pictures; and they usually don’t look real.  I like my photographs to look REAL.  (usually)…..  My favorite of the 4 pictures above is the 4th one, which is the one with the most post production.

That being said, if you look through any of my galleries, you will see that most of my pictures are very natural and realistic looking.  I find that to be what Photography is all about in my heart; capturing the beauty of reality.  Let me know what you think of these pictures and which is your favorite.