Cape Cod 2015 – Images 131-141


Chatham Lighthouse


Dinghy’s Await




Boats Asleep


Thin Orange Line


Rock Harbor Sunset


Through the Reeds


Red Sky


Golden Hour


Highland Light View

I just realized that it has been a year since my last post.  Must have been a busy year!!  I have not had many chances to go out and take pictures.  Only now, with summer at hand and the yearly trip to Cape Cod fast approaching, have I been able to shift my focus back to photography.  I just went through my digital album of images from our 2015 Cape Cod trip and included some of my faves in this blog.  I hope you enjoy them.


Cape Cod, MA is a “lighthouse” for our family.  A safe place, a “Beacon”, a place for us to focus on, a place that guides us and keeps us on our path.  We refresh and reboot there.  We relax and enjoy each other’s company with no distractions.  It is peaceful, tranquil, beautiful, and revitalizing.  The whole family looks forward to it for varying reasons.


Every year we try to find something different to explore there.  This year we are looking at exploring the dunes and Wellfleet as well as some tours (Cape Cod Brewery, Cape Cod chips, Wood’s Hole Science Aquarium, Nobska Lighhouse, Cape Cod Lavender Farm, to name a few).  We will, of course, visit the mainstays such as Nauset, Rock Harbor, and Lighthouse Beaches, Shops in Chatham, Penny Candy Store in Chatham, Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans).


But mostly, we will breath in the salt air and relax and refresh.  Eat Well, Drink Well, Play Hard, Sleep In (except for one morning to catch images of the sunrise, of course), and revel in the company of Family and Friends.  Most likely, my next Blog post will be images from our 2016 Cape Cod Adventure…..


If you would like to view more of my Cape Cod images please visit:

Mt. Hope Cemetery PhotoWalk; Rochester History. Images 49-62


textured tombstoneTextured Tombstone

Path to HeavenThe Path

Angel and CrossAngel and Cross

Fallen FatherFallen Father

Fallen Father 2BW Fallen Father

Celtic CrossCeltic Cross

Head(less) in the CloudsHead(less) In The Clouds

Headless in BWBW Head(less)

Fallen FenceFallen Fence

Sibley CrossSibley Cross

Sibley BWBW Sibley


Broken BWBW Broken

I recently joined a group called Western New York Photowalkers.  It is a group that occasionally gets together and does a walking tour, taking photographs, sharing ideas and techniques.  The first opportunity I had to join them was a PhotoWalk of Mt. Hope Cemetery in my hometown of Rochester, NY last month.   A Cemetery.   Great.   Sounds morbid, doesn’t it?  But, the wife and kids were out of town and I had free time, and I hadn’t been out to get any shots recently, so I thought, Eh, What the Hell!  Why not?

Little did I know, it was pretty cool!!  I knew that it was an old cemetery.  I remember going there as a child on a school field trip to see the graves of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass.  I remember looking at it from across Mt. Hope Boulevard when I was a kid when I went to visit my uncle who used to live in an apartment in a house across the street.  I remember my father challenging my brothers and I to hold our breath while passing it in the car.  He would purposely slow down, even though he didn’t have to.  It is huge and there was no way anyone could survive holding their breath while they passed it unless they were driving a Ferrari at 150 MPH.  But, I had never looked at it through the lens of a camera.  It looked like it was going to be a wash earlier in the day, with gray skies and off and on showers all morning.  But, by the late afternoon, the skies cleared and the sun shone brightly, warming the air.

I  spent about 2 hours walking the grounds.  Of course, I had to stop and seen Sue and Freddy again!  I found all sorts of interesting nooks and crannies in the cemetery; little tucked away hidden areas with incredibly old and ornate tombstones.  I saw numerous old, worn grave markers and tombstones, raised words nearly worn off by wind and weather, nearly impossible to read.  I was particularly struck by a small white headstone, perched on a hill just above the path, leaning over to the left.  It looked like in another couple of years, as the hill eroded away, it would tumble down onto the path.  It had a name and 2 dates.  the dates were only 3 months apart.  A three month old child had died in the early 1800’s and this stone was all that remained.

As I traversed the grounds, I found myself drawn to all the Celtic Crosses that dotted the landscape; I have Irish in my heritage and have always been attracted to them.  There were tons of huge monuments and statues in various stages of decay.  Some were missing limbs, some had fallen over, some were cracked and broken, some even looked as if they had melted.  There was a strange beauty to it all.  Above are some of the shots I took.  I hope you enjoy them.

Letchworth State Park, The Grand Canyon of the East. Images 43-48

View from Inspiration Point   View of Letchworth Upper Falls from Inspiration Point

Upper Falls, Letchworth Park   Upper Falls, Letchworth Park

Letchworth Gorge from Scenic Overlook  Great Bend from Scenic Overlook

Great Bend, Letchworth  Great Bend, Letchworth Gorge

Scenic Overlook in Autumn  Scenic Overlook of Letchworth Gorge

Letchworth Upper Falls View  Letchworth Upper Falls View

Letchworth State Park is another Upstate New York gem.  Letchworth, known as “The Grand Canyon of the East”, spans from Mt. Morris at its north end and carves it’s way through Western New York into the Souther Tier, almost to the Pennsylvania border.  It is a Glacial Gorge that contains the Genesee River as it travels north to Lake Ontario.  It is amazingly beautiful anytime of year, but it is it’s most spectacular in autumn.  The photographs above were taken in early to mid october of this year. Letchworth is usually at it’s peak foliage in mid to late october, but I did not want to risk it.  Weather here can be fickle and the time the color is at peak may likely also be very wet and cold.  This day was mild and sunny and we couldn’t resist the chance to get down to Letchworth and recreate a family photo we had taken 6 years ago.

The entire park is loaded with gorgeous scenery, but the spot we are enamored with is called “Inspiration Point”.  Once you see it, you are not surprised as to why it was named that.  A breathtaking view of the upper falls greets you as you walk up to the overlook from the parking lot.  6 years ago, when my youngest was just over a year old, we drove down to Letchworth to get a family photo that we used as our Christmas card.  As this fall was approaching, I was walking down my stairs at home and passed the framed photo of my 2 boys from that day.  I was struck by how little they were in the photograph and did some quick math, realizing that it had been six years since we had been to letchworth and taken that photo as well as the one of all 4 of us sitting on the low rock wall at inspiration point with the fall foliage and upper falls as the backdrop.

A week or 2 later, my birthday weekend, we took the opportunity to update it.  The weather was perfect!  We packed a lunch and drove down.  We found the exact spot and took our family shot as well as shots of the boys alone.  We sat on the grass in the clearing behind Inspiration Point and enjoyed our lunch, then I took the shots of the falls you see above.  We got back in the car and drove back towards the park entrance, stopping at the Great Bend Overlook to get some more shots.  As we were getting back in the car to leave, we looked out at the open meadow and there was a crew setting up 2 hot air balloons.  We stayed and watched the process until the balloons took off and disappeared from view.  We had been to Letchworth for dinner at the Glen Iris Inn a couple years ago and saw the same hot air balloons as the travelled down the gorge right over the Upper Falls.  What a sight!

When we got home, I immediately uploaded the images from my camera and went right to editing, but realized that they really didn’t need much, the bright sun and bright colors came out great!  Now we have a beautiful, updated shot for this year’s Christmas card.   If you are in the area and like to take landscape shots, don’t miss Letchworth State Park.

You can find more of my Letchworth images, as well as all my work, at the below websites.

Downtown Rochester: New High Falls Pictures taken recently and Shots of the Bridge from Corn Hill Landing. Images 36-42.

High Falls and RainbowHigh Falls, Rochester, October 2014

Downtown RochesterDowntown Rochester from Corn Hill Landing

Rochester High FallsHigh Falls, Rochester, October 2014

Rochester, MonochromeDowntown Rochester, in Black and White

Rochester High Falls in AutumnHigh Falls, October 2014

Corn Hill View Corn Hill View

Genesee BreweryGenesee Brewery

I recently went into the city for a “Photowalk” with a bunch of other photographers (from which I will soon blog about and put up some interesting shots) and on the way home, had the chance to get a few shots of Downtown Rochester.  I have posted a recent blog about Rochester, NY with some shots from High Falls taken about 3 years ago.  I wanted to get some updated shots of the falls using some new “Neutral Density” filters that I just purchased.  Neutral Density filters allow you to take long exposure shots in bright light without getting any overexposure.  I also stopped at Corn Hill Landing and took some shots of Downtown Rochester from the opposite side.  And, of course, had to get some shots of the Genesee Brewery!!  Enjoy!!!

One Image, Four Ways; Fun with Editing: Images 19, 20, 21, and 22

Here Comes The Rain AgainOriginal IPhoto Version

Black and White RainBlack and White IPhoto Version

Antique RainAntiqued IPhoto Version

Dark RainIPhone PhotoStudio Version

I can tend to be a purist at heart.  I usually do not spend much time editing my photographs.  A little bit of Enhancement here, a tad of Boost here, maybe juicing the contrast or the color a smidge here and there.  I generally use IPhoto, but I have a couple of Apps on the IPhone as well that I occasionally use to tweak my photos before posting them.  I have spent a fair amount of time monkeying around with all the different options, but I find it overwhelming and I am usually not pleased with the results.  At this point, I generally just use Enhance and Boost and find that that is all it needs.

I scroll through Instagram and 500px and ViewBug and you can always tell the person who spent forever editing their pictures; and they usually don’t look real.  I like my photographs to look REAL.  (usually)…..  My favorite of the 4 pictures above is the 4th one, which is the one with the most post production.

That being said, if you look through any of my galleries, you will see that most of my pictures are very natural and realistic looking.  I find that to be what Photography is all about in my heart; capturing the beauty of reality.  Let me know what you think of these pictures and which is your favorite.


Images 9-12: The Same Location, Summer and Fall; Buttermilk Falls, Ithaca, NY

Buttermilk Falls, Ithaca, Autumn, 1Buttermilk Falls, Ithaca, Summer, 1

Buttermilk Falls, Autumn                                          Buttermilk Falls, Summer

Buttermilk Falls, Ithaca, Fall, 2Buttermilk Falls, Ithaca, Summer, 2

Buttermilk Falls, Autumn                 Buttermilk Falls, Summer

Ithaca is one of my absolute favorite places to shoot.  I have family that live there, and every time we go visit, I bring the camera and sneak off to get some waterfall shots.  There is no shortage of locations for waterfall pictures in Ithaca.

Ithaca is located at the southern end of Cayuga Lake, one of the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York.  It is the home of Cornell University (where my brother went) and Ithaca College.  It is a great city with great restaurants and shops and a genuine “earthy/crunchy” and “organic” feel to it.  You may have heard the phrase, “Ithaca is Gorges”.  It truly is.  There are over 100 waterfalls in the Ithaca area, coming through the gorges formed by glaciers and entering Cayuga Lake.

Autumn, in my opinion, is the best time to go and take waterfall pictures.  Besides the amazing colors, you will usually find that the waterfalls are fuller in the fall due to the increased rainfall.  The waterfalls are raging in the spring, but typically the scenery is too stark then as the leaves have not come out yet and often the light is not right in the spring to get the good long exposure shots.  In the autumn, you get full waterfalls and usually more overcast skies, allowing you to take the longer exposure shots without overexposing the shot or having to come early in the am or later in the pm.  Another bonus of the fall is that you will likely have fewer hikers to contend with.  In the summer, the trails are packed with hikers, and it can be a real pain to sit and wait till none are in your shot (or edit them out later).

If you plan on going and exploring, wear a good pair of hiking boots and be ready to climb a ton of stairs.  It tends to be very slippery, especially in the spring and fall.  Many, if not all, of the parks containing the waterfalls are closed to the public in the winter due to the hazards of ice on the trails.  I would love to sneak in to Buttermilk Falls Park in January just to see what is looks like!!  Bring a tripod and experiment with different shutter speeds for the motion effect.

Enjoy these shots and leave me a comment to let me know which you like better, the Autumn or the Summer shots.  If you want to see more, just visit the below websites and check them out.  The instaprints site has a gallery consisting only of my waterfall shots.  Next week i will post some Autumn and Summer shots of another favorite spot, Stony Brook.  Till next time.

Naples, NY in Autumn: A Photographic Perspective: Photos 3 through 8

Early Autumn in the Vineyards of Naples, NY

Early Autumn in the Vineyards of Naples, NY

Pond at Camp Cutler, Naples, NY

Pond at Camp Cutler, Naples, NY

Old Barn on the Road into Naples from Camp Cutler

Old Barn on the Road into Naples from Camp Cutler

Autumn Vines in Naples, NY

Autumn Vines in Naples, NY

Vineyards in the Fall in Naples, NY

Vineyards in the Fall in Naples, NY

Grapes on the Vine in Naples, NY in October

Grapes on the Vine in Naples, NY in October

I love the fall.  My birthday is in October, and it has always been my favorite month.  I love the crisp, cool air; the beautiful color; the apples and cider; the Harvest Ales and Pumpkin Beers.  I lived in Northern California for 9 years and what I missed most was the Autumn.  Autumn in Upstate New York is a Photographer’s Dream.

I have taken tons of Photos all over upstate NY in the fall; Letchworth and Stony Brook and Ithaca are some of my favorite places to take Fall Pictures.  Naples, though, has a special place in my heart.  Because of my 9 years in Northern California, I developed a special regard for viticulture and vineyards and wineries.  The Finger Lakes has several fantastic Wineries and there are countless incredible photo ops throughout the region.

The above pictures were taken in a one month span, mid September to mid October, in and around Naples.  The first photograph was taken during the Grape Festival in the town of Naples.  If you live in upstate NY and have not been to the Naples Grape Festival, you are missing out!!  We went down for the day, to walk the festival and experience the delicacies. Everyone talks about Monica’s Pies.  Don’t get me wrong; Monica makes a great pie, especially the Chicken Pot Pies.  But, we found another pie master in town; Cindy.  Cindy makes and sells her grape pies and cookies out of her home, next to the High School.  They are AMAZING!!!  We got a pie and some cookies and sat down at a nearby playground.  The kids played on the playground and I brought out the camera.  Just past the playground was a huge Winery.  It is now Hazlitt 1852 Vineyard, the maker of Red Cat Cellars Wine, but it is the old historic Widmer Wine Cellar.  it had been a warm september and the leaves on the vines were just barely starting to change color.  The clouds in the distance were dark as a storm was rolling in a ways north of Naples.

The Second Photograph was taken just a short 3 weeks later.  The weather had finally changed; we had the first frost and the leaves were at their peak.  I was at Camp Cutler in the hills above Naples with my oldest son and his Cub Scout Troop on an overnight camping trip.  WE woke up that morning early, and this was our view.  The rain we had the night before was gone; the sky still looked a bit gray and ominous in the distance, but the sun was peaking out and lighting up the hillside behind the pond.  Unfortunately, about an hour later the sun was overtaken by the clouds and it got very cold.  We decided to leave the campout early and ventured back down the hill, towards Naples.

I missed a turn along the way down the hill.  Thankfully.  Had I stayed on the route I had intended, i would have skirted around Naples and missed out on some of my wife’s and my favorite pictures.  As we worked our way down the hill, we passed the barn in the 3rd photograph.  I came to a quick stop after passing it, much to my son’s surprise and dismay.  I think he thought we were going back to the camp where he had been miserable and cold for the last 2 hours!!  I put the car in reverse and raced back about 50 yards.  I grabbed the camera off the passenger seat and jumped to grab some shots; one of which is the 3rd photograph above.

We continued down the road and it turned out that it lead right into the heart of the town of Naples.  We headed north along the main road and I thought about pressing my luck with my 8 year old and stopping for another grape pie.  We passed a small vineyard on the right hand side of the road (Inspire Moore Vineyard) and I knew i had to stop, even though I knew it meant my son would never agree to a 3rd stop for pie (he has no taste for sweets, unlike his father).  This is where I took the 3 remaining photographs above.  The final one, which I have named “Late Harvest” in this blog is a version of my wife’s favorite photo.  Her version (after some tweaking and editing and interesting effects) is called “Her Choice” and is on a 16 x 16 canvas on the wall in my living room, just above the desk that I am sitting at right now as I write this.

I hope you enjoy the photographs and if you are ever in the neighborhood of Naples, NY you should stop and get a pie at Cindy’s…or Monica’s.  Really you can’t go wrong with a grape pie anywhere in Naples!!